Making an Old Distribution System New

PowerUp is a long-term infrastructure renewal program designed to replace and upgrade transformers, power cables and substation equipment. Since 2006, capital expenditures to modernize the distribution infrastructure have totalled approximately $1.3 billion to replace equipment installed during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

Renewing the Workforce

Over the next ten years approximately 720 employees will be eligible for retirement, representing 40 percent of our workforce.  To meet this challenge, we are actively recruiting. View career opportunities at Toronto Hydro.

In a Neighbourhood Near You

PowerUp is a city-wide initiative; however, we've concentrated our efforts in northeast Scarborough and parts of North York. These communities are high-priority because they're mainly serviced by directly buried underground cable. Failures from this type of cable account for almost half of power failures in the underground part of the distribution system. Learn more about major construction initiatives.

Customer Communications Around Construction

To help you manage disruptions, we'll provide you with advance notification before construction begins. Our notifications focus on planned power interruptions necessary for the safety of work crews, road closures and other construction impacts. In some cases, we'll organize town hall meetings to discuss large-scale construction projects and answer questions from the community. Learn about construction projects in your area and view our latest updates.

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