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  • Ward: Scarborough-Rouge River (Ward 41)
  • Activity: Voltage Conversion
  • Timeline: April 2011- March 2013
  • Status: Completed

This area’s current electrical system is nearing the end of its life expectancy and needs to be replaced. This project aims to improve long-term service reliability in the neighbourhood.

During this project crews will work along Salome Drive, Pitfield Drive and Brimley Avenue.

The purpose of the project is to convert voltage from 13.8 kilovolts (kV) to 27.6 kilovolts (kV) in order to improve service efficiency.

Customers living in this area may experience intermittent power interruptions that are necessary for the safety of work crews. We will do our best to notify residents prior to these disruptions and to minimize any inconveniences. We will also endeavour to restore properties throughout the construction phase. 

Our employees will take extra care to minimize disruptions on your property.  Please note that during the course of our work, you will experience some power interruptions which are necessary for the safety of our employees.  Toronto Hydro crews will endeavor to keep the interruptions to a minimum and will also provide you with additional notice prior to any outages.

Project update icon Updates

  • Week of August 20, 2012

    Toronto Hydro is happy to report that the Construction Phase of Project Salome is now underway. 


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