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  • Lawrence Leslie Phase 3

    Don Valley West (Ward 25)

    Week of August 22, 2011

    While the civil portion of Lawrence Leslie Phase 3 has been completed, the electrical phase is expected to commence in Winter 2011 or early 2012.

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  • Rathburn

    Etobicoke Centre (Ward 3)

    Week of August 01, 2011

    THESL is planning to rebuild the overhead electrical system located at the rear of your property.  The project was delayed for several months but is now scheduled to begin August 2, 2011 with a completion date of April 2012.

    Our construction personnel are instructed to take extra care and precautions in order to minimize disruptions on both public and private property.  During the course of our work, you will experience some power interruptions. They will be necessary to switch from the old to the new supply arrangements. We will endeavour to keep the interruptions to a minimum and to give you prior notice.

    Restoration will be done in various stages during construction of the project.  The grass will be replaced with new sod where we excavate and all asphalt will be replaced between the curb and sidewalk if affected by our excavation.  After Hydro’s construction, the City will make permanent concrete repairs to these sidewalks.  If you were considering repaving your driveway, we would encourage you to delay this until our work has been completed.  Interlocking driveways will be lifted and reset to the homeowner’s satisfaction. All work will be performed in a professional and expeditious manner.

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  • Banbury Larkfield Phase 1

    Don Valley West (Ward 25)

    Week of July 25, 2011

    Construction Update:

    Our contractors and crews are working in your neighbourhood. Please exercise caution as we complete the digging and trenching work. Once crews finish the civil work, the electrical phase will begin. Toronto Hydro crews will return to either pull new electrical cable through underground concrete encased ducts or string new cable overhead and remove additional poles.

    Once in place, we will energize the new cable. This does not involve invasive construction. You may experience a power interruption as we switch from the old to the new supply. We will aim to provide you notification 24 to 48 hours in advance of a power interruption. Temporary repairs to your driveway, sidewalk and sod will be made during construction and permanent restoration will follow. The City of Toronto is responsible for restoring the sidewalks following project completion.

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