Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Be safe around construction sites at all times:


  1. Be visible at all times and make eye contact with people operating equipment.

  2. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid distractions like cell phone use around construction areas.

  3. Follow all safety signage even if there are no construction workers around.

  4. Walk on the sidewalk or designated walkway.

  5. Ask for assistance to walk around the construction area if you feel you are unable or uncomfortable.

  6. Watch your step! Always be prepared for unexpected hazards.

  7. Report anything that looks dangerous to a construction site worker or call 416-542-3366.


  1. Enter a construction site.

  2. Run or play in construction areas.

  3. Lean, stand, or climb on equipment, fences, mounds of dirt or any other construction materials.

  4. Approach hazardous areas marked by fences or safety cones.

  5. Distract construction workers who are operating construction equipment or vehicles.

  6. Approach a construction zone if you have a choice. Take alternative routes to your destination if you know the whereabouts of a construction zone.

  7. Stop to watch the construction work. Your objective is to get past the construction area as safely as possible.